New York construction workers are protected by laws and regulations that focus on safety. These regulations generally require the compliance of construction employers, so that working environments are made safe for all those on site.

One of the most common reasons for serious injuries on construction sites is malfunctioning or unsafely managed moving machinery. In a bid to minimize the associated risks, there are regulations in place to make moving machinery safer for construction and factory workers.

What are the main risks associated with moving machinery in the working environment?

Moving machinery usually has a considerable force, and this means that parts of the body can easily be drawn in to the machinery if the moving parts are not cordoned off in some way.

Improper maintenance is another considerable risk associated with moving machinery in the workplace. Usually, the machinery has been designed specifically with safety in mind. However, if the machinery is not adequately maintained, the equipment can pose considerable risks to workers.

Moving machinery can also omit steam or water vapor that can be extremely hot or extremely cold. This can pose a risk to the human skin, and can cause severe scalding.

What responsibilities does my employer have to keep equipment safe?

If you are working with moving machinery in the workplace, you have the right to be adequately trained on the safe operation of the equipment. Your employer’s responsibility is to make sure that you are trained well and to ensure that the machinery is safe for use. This means enforcing several safety regulations, including the conducting of correct and frequent maintenance checks, keeping the area around the machinery clean and tidy, and making sure that the correct protective clothing is used.

What are my rights if I am injured by moving machinery in the workplace?

If you have been injured due to moving machinery in a New York workplace, it is likely that you will be eligible for workers’ compensation. This is a type of insurance that most employers in the state of New York are required to hold. If you have any questions about claiming workers’ compensation, it is important to take action and understand your rights.