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By Joseph Dell
Managing Partner

If you are a construction site worker in the state of New York, you will be aware of the risks that are related to the profession. However, you may not know that many of the most common construction site risks are extremely preventable.

If you have been injured while at work on a construction site, it is important that you understand your most fundamental rights as a worker. Many employers provide their employees false or incomplete information that can lead them to not getting the compensation that they deserve.

Common reasons why a construction worker might be told that they are not entitled to a claim

There are many things that construction workers could get told by people in the profession that leads them to believe that they will not be entitled to workers’ compensation. One of the most common is that they will not be able to make a workers’ compensation claim if the incident was actually their fault. However, this is simply not the case. All construction workers should be able to get compensation for the damages that they suffered regardless of fault as long as they were engaging in work-related activities.

Additionally, workers might be told that they are not entitled to make a claim for workers’ compensation in New York because they are not considered employees, but independent contractors. You may be able to take action to fight this, because many workers are misclassified and are denied fundamental rights such as workers’ compensation.

What damages may I be able to recoup through workers’ compensation?

It is worth spending time to fight for your right to workers’ compensation, because it will potentially cover all the medical bills that resulted from your injury. In addition, you will be able to regain a portion of the wages that you lost due to your recovery period. You may also be able to gain guidance in regard to changing your career if you are no longer able to work in construction.

It is important that you take the time to understand your rights to workers’ compensation as an injured construction worker in New York.

About the Author
Joseph G. Dell, the firm’s Managing Partner, is regarded as one of New York State’s top trial lawyers and a zealous advocate of those injured through the negligence of others. Having founded the firm in 1994 with the singular goal of leveling the playing field for those injured, Mr. Dell has worked tirelessly for his clients since its inception. In addition to meeting with clients on a daily basis and trying cases, Mr. Dell is a frequent lecturer at Law School and Bar Associations on cases of significant importance in the fields of negligence and medical malpractice. If you have any questions regarding this article, you can contact Mr. Dell here.