cars driving on a highway at night
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By Joseph Dell
Managing Partner

Studies indicate that drivers on the road at night are about three times more likely than daytime drivers to be involved in a serious automobile accident. The reason for this is that driving at night presents several risks that aren’t present during the day. In this article, we examine some of the factors that increase the risk of getting into a car accident at night. 

Reduced Visibility

Even with adequate street lighting and headlights, visibility is reduced at night. This can become exacerbated during specific times of the year, such as during winter or the rainy season. And with reduced visibility comes an increased chance of auto accidents. 


Drivers often struggle to stay alert and awake while driving at night. The reason for this is simple: most people are awake during the day and sleep at night. And, unfortunately, rather than putting off driving until the next day, people often force themselves to drive while tired. This is a recipe for disaster. In fact, drowsy driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents at night. 

Alcohol and Drug Use

There are more impaired drivers on the road at night than during the day. Thus, crashes caused by alcohol and drug use are more common at night. So, in addition to refraining from using impairing substances of any kind, it is important to remain cognizant of other drivers while driving at night. 


Speeding increases at night. In fact, around twice as many fatal automobile accidents caused due to speeding occur at night. And as most people know, speeding is often a contributing factor to car accidents. 

Windshield Glare

Keeping one’s windshield clean is important—especially while driving at night. Dirt, dust, and even dried wiper marks on the windshield can decrease visibility, thereby increasing the risk of a car accident at night.

Objects or Animals in the Road

It becomes more difficult to spot objects or animals, such as deer, in the road at night. Therefore, drivers are more likely to strike obstacles in the road at night than they are during the day.  

Other Vehicles’ Headlights

Finally, other vehicles’ headlights can present a risk for drivers on the road at night, especially when drivers improperly use their brights. It only takes a few seconds of temporary blindness for a car accident at night to occur. 

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About the Author
Joseph G. Dell, the firm’s Managing Partner, is regarded as one of New York State’s top trial lawyers and a zealous advocate of those injured through the negligence of others. Having founded the firm in 1994 with the singular goal of leveling the playing field for those injured, Mr. Dell has worked tirelessly for his clients since its inception. In addition to meeting with clients on a daily basis and trying cases, Mr. Dell is a frequent lecturer at Law School and Bar Associations on cases of significant importance in the fields of negligence and medical malpractice. If you have any questions regarding this article, you can contact Mr. Dell here.