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By Joseph Dell
Managing Partner

Jobs in the construction industry can be lucrative. Unfortunately, they can also be dangerous, with countless construction workers suffering injuries every year while on the job—many of them fatal. One of the most dangerous hazards in the construction industry is electrocution. In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has identified electrocution as one of the “fatal four” construction site hazards. In this article, we provide some tips for avoiding electrocution on construction sites in New York and Long Island.  

Use Proper Equipment

Appropriate equipment can go a long way in preventing shocks on the jobsite. For example, double-insulated tools are designed for use in environments containing a high risk of electric shock. These tools are protected by both a layer of electricity-resistant material, such as plastic or rubber, and a layer of conductive material, such as metal. This combination adds a layer of protection between users and live wires. 

Identify Nearby Power Lines

Prior to breaking ground on a new construction project, it’s important to identify the locations of nearby overhead and underground power lines. When power lines are near a work project, it is advisable to work with the local power company to de-energize lines that may present a hazard. However, if this isn’t possible, then be sure to use the proper equipment while performing work.  

Inspect Tools Prior to Use

Tools accumulate wear and tear over the years—including those designed to prevent electrocution. And when these types of tools become worn down, they can lose their protective functions. Therefore, prior to using tools, always inspect them for signs of wear and tear. 

Use Personal Protective Equipment

An additional way to protect against electrocution on the jobsite is with personal protective equipment. Certain types of personal protective equipment, such as insulated clothing and rubber gloves, can significantly reduce the risk of electric shock. In addition, when using personal protective equipment, it is important to ensure that it is appropriate for the level of voltage on the worksite. 


In addition, it is important to ensure that all employees on the jobsite receive adequate safety training. Specifically, all employees should be trained on common electrocution risks and how to prevent them. It is also advisable for employees to receive training in first aid and CPR. 

Be Aware of Weather Conditions

Finally, due to the risks associated with severe weather and electrical equipment, it’s important to remain aware of weather conditions at all times while on the jobsite. It’s also recommended that employers train employees on how to respond when inclement weather arises. 

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