Passionate and loves what he does

Mr. Dell is passionate and loves what he does. It is this passion that a person can trust in. He knows the law and exactly what needs to be done. I have never heard him say I need to find out more information on this topic or I’ll get back to you. He is always very responsive and made sure I knew exactly what would be happening. Mr. Dell through his staff made sure that I was prepared and informed in a timely manner as to all the doctors I had to attend as well as any other meetings where my presence may have been needed. I am happy with the decision I made in having Mr. Dell represent me. He is always available to his clients and will tell you to keep him informed about any changes and he means it. He is articulate, extremely intelligent and is the type of attorney I needed to represent me. At that time I had to rely on someone else to think and speak on my behalf. Therefore, I wanted someone I could trust to represent me in the best possible way. This was Mr. Joseph Gerard Dell. I have and would recommend him as a lawyer to anyone in need of his services. With all Sincerity your Client…

— Anonymous
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