Cares about his clients

I was in a very serious accident and Mr. Dell helped me through this horrific ordeal every step of the way. I required many surgeries and on my last surgery which was extremely serious as it dealt with my spine, Mr.Dell sent a gift basket to show his concern for a positive outcome. This is the kind of concern I believe anyone would want as well as knowing that their attorney is understanding about what they are going through. It is great to know that the attorney working on your behalf actually cares about the outcome of a very serious surgery and how you are feeling. Another time I ended up in the hospital because of an emergency. Mr. Dell was very informed about what was happening and put my mind at ease as he had clients that had previously gone through the same thing and knew exactly what was happening as it was related to my surgery. He still treated me as an individual and made sure that I understood all that was happening.

— Anonymous
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