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You cannot plan for a motor vehicle accident that results in serious injury or death. The aftermath is painful, stressful, and uncertain. Dealing with insurance companies who are looking after their bottom line is often the last thing you want to do when injured or having to grapple with the tragic death of a loved one.

With Dell & Dean, PLLC, you can rest assured that your car accident attorney will put your financial, emotional, and physical well-being first. If we take your case, it is because we believe we can put you in a better position to manage your finances and health. We are upfront with all of our clients about their options, and about what we can do to help.

Let Our Experienced Investigators Examine Your Case

Car accidents happen in a moment. The reality is that it is very difficult to know all of the circumstances surrounding an accident that occurs in a split second.

At Dell & Dean, PLLC, we have numerous methods and tools at our disposal to get to the bottom of what happened. Our crash data report uses your car’s own stored information to help compile a clear picture of what occurred. We have investigators and accident reconstruction experts who know how to look at the accident scene, police reports and eyewitness testimony to understand the causes of the accident. We can get an honest, objective examination of your injuries and medical condition by an expert medical witness.

Why does this matter to you?

Because we have the experience, resources, and knowledge to back up your claims. Insurance companies will dispute your testimony. They may question who was at fault or claim you are not seriously injured. Having the ability to paint an objective, solid picture of the accident and your subsequent injuries is integral to getting the compensation you deserve.

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Insurance companies have the resources to fight your claim. You can have the same experience, tenacity and knowledge on your side with a car crash lawyer from Dell & Dean, PLLC. Contact us today online or by calling 516-880-9700.

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