Pregnancy is a time of hopeful expectation and planning. Most expectant parents take great steps to ensure the health of both mother and child. From prenatal vitamins and doctor visits to special diets and low-impact exercises, there are many options. Unfortunately, one bad decision by a medical professional can undo all of your hard work. Some doctors may choose to administer the drug Cytotec (also called misoprostol) during labor. In many cases, there is no issue with this medication. In other cases, the drug can prove fatal to healthy mothers and their healthy unborn children.

When you seek medical help during labor and pregnancy, you expect the doctor in charge to make medical decisions based on best practices. Far too many doctors unfortunately choose unsafe or questionable medical interventions for their own convenience. Many people do not have negative reactions to these off-label medications and unnecessary procedures, which can make doctors mistakenly believe they are safe.

Cytotec offers minimal benefits but serious risks

The off-label use of Cytotec is associated with uterine tearing and rupture. That tearing, in turn, can endanger the life of mother and child. It can also lead to emergency hysterectomies and lifelong infertility for the mother. Typically, doctors do not inform mothers specifically of the risks posed by Cytotec before administering it in a manner inconsistent with the FDA’s recommendations. The FDA is aware of the dangers Cytotec poses to unborn babies and their mothers, and does not approve its use during pregnancy or labor. Doctors often administer the drug to speed up labor for their convenience.

Cytotec, which is only approved for use as an ulcer medication, can help soften the cervix. This can help speed up labor and delivery. This minimal benefit, when compared with the risk for catastrophic side effect, does not warrant the off-label and dangerous use of this drug during labor. Your doctor should be held accountable for the damage caused. Filing a malpractice claim could protect future mothers and unborn infants from the same damages.

An attorney can help you after a serious medical mistake

The effects of Cytotec could devastate your family. In addition to losing the ability to have future children, you may have lost a beloved unborn child or even your spouse. Working with an attorney can help to protect future mothers from a similar fate and can help your family recover after an act of medical malpractice. While no amount of money can undo the damage this drug can cause, holding medical professionals responsible for off-label drug administration can be a form of justice and a way to protect others from the same terrible experience.

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